Architecture watchdog CABE has said that the entries for one of its premier housing design awards were not good enough to win the top accolade.

It has awarded three Building for Life gold standards and four silver standards, but no project received a platinum award.

Alex Ely, housing co-ordinator at CABE, said the judging panel, which was chaired by fashion designer Wayne Hemingway, did not feel any of the schemes were of a sufficiently high standard.

The awards, launched last year, are for housing projects that create a sense of community and demonstrate a commitment to character, design, construction and had a low environmental impact.

The gold standard winners were: Charter Quay in Kingston-upon-Thames; Gainsborough Studios in Hackney, London; and Queen Elizabeth Park, near Guildford.

The silver standard winners were: Fulham Island in London; Old Haymarket in Liverpool; St Mary’s Island in Kent (The Fishing Village, Ventura and Northshore); and Waters Edge in Shaldon, Devon.