CABE has panned proposed developments around the home of the rugby team Leicester Tigers, in Welford Road, Leicester.

The architectural watchdog’s design review panel said it was concerned that one of the schemes, Granby Halls by architect Bowman Riley, was “ungainly”, and that the form, size and planning of the scheme were not acceptable for the site.

The scheme at the southern edge of Leicester is a mixed-use development, comprising student accommodation, flats, a fitness club, retail outlets and underground parking.

It was also criticised for its lack of cohesion with a second scheme by architect Maber Associates for a stand, commercial facilities and student accommodation.

Of the Maber application, the CABE team said: “The student housing dominates the stadium to the extent that the scheme reads as student housing with a stadium attached, rather than a stadium with some supporting accommodation. We feel this is unfortunate for a stadium of such significance, and wonder if this is really the image that the club, or the city, wants to present.”

CABE said it did not see how the concourse area between the two projects worked and who would be responsible for its design.

CABE called for changes before planning permission could be granted.