Design review panel says “further design development” is needed

Cabe’s design review panel has pronounced itself unconvinced by a controversial office development next to St Paul’s Cathedral designed by John McAslan.

The building’s design, at 5 Cheapside, ran into trouble earlier this year when neoclassical architect Robert Adam told a national newspaper it was a “dinosaur” and a “lumpy glass box”.

Cabe was certainly more supportive than Adam, but said it was not convinced by the form of the design, saying that “basing the design of the building solely on the constraints both of the sight lines and the masterplan is insufficient to create a successful form”.

It also recommended a higher quality of detailing for the scheme’s roof, and concluded by saying it could not support the scheme’s planning application until the scheme had “evolved further”.

The review finished on a positive note: “We would suggest the team have more time to develop these outstanding issues in more detail before the application is determined. We have every confidence that, given more design time, this team will resolve them. A site of this importance deserves nothing less.”