Blaze this morning on timber frame site follows fire in Peckham in November last year

The blaze which broke out on a timber frame building site in Camberwell, south London, this morning was the second to hit a Greenacre Homes site in just over a month.

On 26 November a fire ripped through a block of timber frame flats in Peckham on a Greenacre site, resulting in 10 injuries and several hundred people being evacuated.

Following that blaze, some fire safety chiefs called for tighter regulation of timber frame construction.

It is not yet known what caused the fire and Greenacre Homes was unavailable for comment.

This morning, 15 fire engines were called to tackle the blaze which began on the construction site in south London in the early hours of this morning.

Around 75 firefighters worked to contain the fire which began about 2am today in Camberwell Station Road.

The blaze is understood to have damaged 75% of a five-storey building which was under construction.

Around 150 people were evacuated from adjacent premises as a precaution.

The fire was brought under control by 6.15am, although fire crews are likely to remain on site for some time.

The London Fire Brigade said the cause of the fire was being investigated.