Highways Agency traffic management project aims to reduce congestion on motorways around the city

Carillion has won a £96m contract from the UK Highways Agency to provide traffic management systems aimed at reducing congestion on the motorway network around Birmingham.

The project, known as Birmingham Box Active Traffic Management, will involve the installation of gantries, signage, safety fencing and other technology to increase the capacity on sections of motorway around Birmingham.

John McDonough
McDonough: "delighted"

This includes variable speed limits and hard-shoulder running on M6 junctions 4-5 and M6 junctions 8-10A, and variable-speed limits on M40 junction 16 to M42 junction 3A and M42 junction 7 to junction 9.

Work is expected to start in autumn 2008 and finish in spring 2011.

John McDonough, chief executive of Carillion, said: “We are delighted to have won this important contract, which builds on the extensive maintenance and other technology services we provide for the Highways Agency.

“We look forward to working with the Highways Agency to deliver the new systems, which will relieve congestion for drivers on these busy sections of motorway network.”