Tom Conti leads protest against site traffic at housing development in north London

Protesters yesterday lay down in the road to prevent lorries from a nearby building site entering a 250-year-old street in north London.

The protesters, led by actor Tom Conti, wanted to prevent the lorries from reaching a housing development behind Little Green Street in Kentish Town.

The project is said to be a redevelopment of 20 three-storey houses and 10 flats. Camden council has granted conditional planning permission to developer Euro Investments.

The protest against the scheme has attracted more than 2500 signatures, including those of MP Frank Dobson and former Kinks guitarist Dave Davies.

Tom Conti told journalists: “I have a friend who lives here and was absolutely appalled when I heard about the plans. This development is going to make people’s lives a misery for four years and have serious implications for their health, safety and homes.”