Plans are approved for skyscrapers in Swansea and Dublin.

They may not rival the CN Tower, but proposed new buildings in both Ireland and Wales are set to break national records for tall buildings as city councils in Swansea and Dublin separately approved plans for new skyscrapers.

The Welsh building will stand 107m high, on the sea front next to the Marriott Hotel. At 29 storeys, it will be almost twice the height of the BT tower in the city centre.

Ireland’s proposed tower will be even taller, with 32 storeys and a public observation deck bring it to a peak at 117m. But the scheme is not universally popular; objections are expected from An Taisce, the Irish Georgian Society and Friends of Kilmainham, who are concerned that a skyscraper would impact negatively on local historic buildings.

The plans for Swansea are not without detractors either. The £53 million has sparked fears of traffic congestion, and set a precedent for more high-rise construction at the Marina.