First homes to receive power generated from chicken litter after biogas plant opens in November

Cirencester in Gloucestershire is to become one of the first towns in the UK to benefit from power generated using chicken litter.

The power plant which is due to open in November is being built on a farm to the south of the market town.

It will take animal waste as well as corn, wheat and grass from local farms and produce methane-rich biogas via a process of anaerobic digestion.

The gas will be used to power a combined heat and power unit generating around 1MW of electricity, enough to supply 350 homes.

The waste heat will be used for keeping the animal sheds warm, drying grain and local housing. After the biogas is extracted the fibrous material left is spread on the land as fertilizer.

The plant is being supplied by Alfagy who is looking to set up similar facilites throughout the UK.