Institution claims it will have 100 assessors ready for 6 April deadline and 300 in place by July. BRE and Hoare Lea also prepare ready for next month's deadline

CIBSE will have 100 energy assessors available for the April 6th deadline, the Institute has said. These have been trained under its Low Carbon Energy Assessor scheme. The assessors will be qualified to produce Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and EPCS.

CIBSE estimates that more than 100,000 EPCs will be issued under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and said demand for assessors would be high. This claim comes despite the Government’s recent postponement of some EPC presentation. Last week, DCLG said that certificates for buildings on the market over the April deadline would not have to be produced until October.

BRE and Hoare Lea prepare

Chris Broadbent of the BRE has estimated that only 20 buildings will require EPCS per month until July when all buildings over 2,500 sq m will require one. CIBSE said it would have 300 trained assessors at that point. It has appealed to qualified assessors to apply for accreditation as soon as possible to beat the rush.

And Hoare Lea confirmed this week that mamber sof its group had become assessors. Roger Smith, engineering management principal, Hoare Lea said: “The EPC scheme is a very positive step in enabling building owners, occupiers and managers to understand how their building works in terms of energy efficiency and ideally property managers should look to appoint assessors at the first opportunity. Hoare Lea can now get to work and show how carbon emissions can be reduced. This in turn will make properties more attractive to buyers and tenants.”