THE Construction Industry Council intends to call for mandatory undergraduate training in health and safety at this month's safety summit.
CIC chief executive Graham Watts said: "We will be talking to the accreditation bodies in the industry. If we cannot get health and safety in the curriculum on courses covering construction, then we will look at having it as an add-on to raise awareness." It will also call for designers in the industry to have extra health and safety training.

The CIC document, set to be finalised in the next two weeks, will be underpinned by action plans devised by member organisations.

It is one of four safety plans that will be put forward at the 27 February summit, which will include a keynote address by deputy prime minister John Prescott.

Watts added that better information was needed about the causes of accidents.

He said: "It is too black and white at the moment. There should be an independent research analysis carried out on what is causing accidents.

"The HSE does a full report on each accident but the information is not available to anyone."