The Construction Industry Council is to launch a survey to determine to the total cost of consultants' services.
The government's figures for the size of the consultancy market is based on contract values rather than professional fees.

The CIC says the research will allow comparisons to be drawn with the comprehensive survey it conducted in 1996, and will allow the council to determine how the industry is responding to changes in the economic and industrial climate.

About 10,000 questionnaires will be sent to consultants. They will request data on:

  • the structure of firms
  • the size of their offices
  • levels of fee income
  • values of fees earned for different types of services
  • the ratios of fees earned in different sectors and areas of the country
  • methods used to procure work
  • number of permanent and contract staff and the professional make-up of each firm.

The surveys will be sent out next week and responses are expected by the end of July. Firms who are not included but which wish to take part will be able to find a copy on the CIC's website,

CIC's 1996 survey found that the overall value of the UK construction sector was £6.7bn. It is believed that survey was the first to include professional fees in its calculations.