Programmes aimed at training professionals to cope with China’s massive construction schemes

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has announced its plans to launch a training programme aimed at experienced construction professionals in China.

The organisation is set to finalise an agreement with the Institute of International Engineering Project Management (IIEPM) at Tsinghua University Beijing, and the Research Centre for International Construction Economics and Management in Chongqing University (RCICEM), to deliver the scheme.

Map of China

Fabio Casula, the CIOB’s head of international, said: “China is undergoing massive infrastructure projects across many regions.

“The World Bank has predicted that by 2015 half of the world’s new building and construction will take place in China; our intention is to establish these programmes and then roll them out in other areas of China in the near future.”

The CIOB says the programmes will equip candidates with the necessary skills to develop as a modern construction or project management professional operating in China at national and international levels.