Another week, another new finance director

The latest move sees David Wilton promoted to take over the reins from Bob Hartley at White Young Green. The reshuffle sees Hartley move sideways to become services director as WYG braces itself for the recession.

The past few months have seen finance directors change at Atkins, McBains Cooper, Cyril Sweett, WSP, Hyder Consulting, Barratt and MJ Gleeson, among others. While not all have been directly recession-driven, it’s a long list.

Michael Thirkettle, chief executive pf McBains Cooper, thinks there is a trend to revert to finance directors who are driven by processes and cost savings in an attempt to batten down the hatches.

He said: “We did the opposite and appointed someone into a commercial chief operating officer-type role. You have to plan for the market, not react to it.”

Another source likened the wider changes at White Young Green to the ousting of Chelsea manager Big Phil Scolari. “The City wasn’t enamoured with former chief executive Lawrie Haynes but some were clearly looking for a scapegoat.”