Civil Engineering Contractors Association criticises outgoing transport secretary for poor communication with the industry

The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) has issued a warning for the successor of Ruth Kelly, following her announcement that she would be stepping down from her position as transport secretary.

Director of CECA Rosemary Beales said she hoped she would have more dialogue with whoever succeeds her.

Ruth Kelly, outgoing transport secretary

“Given the importance to the economy of investment in and enhancement of the country’s transport infrastructure, it is essential that the Secretary of State engages with the industry in a meaningful way,” Beales said. “Ruth Kelly’s approach did not deliver the dialogue we had hoped for.”

She added: “We would encourage the incoming Secretary of State to understand the benefits that such communication can bring to all stakeholders, including government, and look forward to a positive and constructive relationship.”

Kelly was appointed as transport secretary on 27 June 2007. She oversaw the government’s response to the Eddington Transport Study and the latter stages of the Crossrail Bill.