The Construction Clients Forum wants clients to be given a stronger voice on any revamped Construction Industry Board.

The CIB released a consultation document this week with proposals to extend the life of the board, but Anthony Pollington, executive secretary of the forum, said the importance of the client was not properly reflected in the paper. He called for more representatives on the CIB board.

He said: “We don’t envisage a veto at the moment but more seats would make clients more equal.”

The CIB was set up to implement the Latham proposals, but these have been superseded to some extent by the Egan initiatives.

CIB chairman Chris Vickers said the board still played an important role. He said: “We need a body above groups such as the Movement for Innovation and the Construction Best Practice Programme. That’s not to say that the CIB will take control of everything. We are looking to establish a body that has more responsibility for strategic issues.”