Nuttall and Halcrow and Glasgow City Council decide to keep bridge closed while broken cable is investigated

Glasgow’s Clyde Arc bridge will remain shut for several weeks, the council announced.

Clyde Arc

Glasgow city council and contractors Nuttall and Halcrow decided at a meeting yesterday to keep the bridge closed to allow further investigation into why a support cable snapped.

It was not announced when exactly it will re-open. In the meanwhile, the council installed temporary traffic diversions to minimise disruption to drivers.

Robert Booth, executive director of land and environmental services at Glasgow city council said: "One of the 14 bridge supports has failed but we don't believe the integrity of the bridge is affected. Clyde Arc is designed to allow for the removal of one of the bridge supports at a time for repair and maintenance without affecting its operation.

"However, our number one priority is public safety and, until we are completely satisfied the bridge is safe for use, it will remain closed.

"The bridge is still under guarantee by the main contractor, who will report back to the council once they have established the cause following their investigations and independent testing of the broken part.