Legislation will be brought forward to help asbestos sufferers gain compensation against more than one negligent employer.

The Lord Chancellor has announced changes to compensation laws to overturn a recent House of Lords decision that deprived thousands of workers with asbestos-related cancer from receiving full payouts.

Legislation will be brought forward to improve the system of making claims involving more than one negligent employer.

Lord Falconer said: "The Government is acting quickly to help claimants suffering from this terrible disease to receive the compensation to which they are entitled as soon as possible."

"I intend to bring forward an amendment to the Compensation Bill to provide that in these cases negligent employers should be jointly and severally liable, so that the claimant can recover full compensation from any relevant employer. It would then be open to that employer to seek a contribution to the damages awarded from other negligent employers."

The House of Lords ruling in Barker vs Corus limits employers' liability where mesothelioma victims worked for more than one company.

The Compensation Bill begins its committee stage in the House of Commons this week.