Fashion designer Jasper Conran aims to follow in the footsteps of Wayne Hemingway and begin designing buildings.

Conran, who this week launched a year-long programme of debates for future architects and design influencers as part of the launch of the Open House project, said that he had not ruled out a move into architecture.

He said: “I’ve designed the interiors for numerous homes and of course for my new flagship store in Mayfair. I’m enjoying that for the time being but you never know – building design may be on the horizon!”

Conran said that he thought it was great that Wayne Hemingway was designing for Wimpey. He said: “To me it’s about an individual following his own creative impulses. Why shouldn’t Hemingway design houses? Why shouldn’t Richard Rogers design a dress? I am quite anarchic in that sense.”

He added that fashion designers received a better press than architects as they probably spent more money buying advertising space.

He said: “I hate to be that commercial about it but look around you. When was the last time an architecture firm bought advertising in Vogue or Marie Claire? When was the last time you saw an architecture firm splashed all over the billboards at Tottenham Court Road? I’m sure architects are investing in advertising but I would imagine it’s much more targeted. A fashion designer will put their name on anything just to get noticed. Well, most of them anyway …”