Industry also has most self-employment income support scheme claims

Construction firms have claimed more than £2.6bn through the government’s coronavirus job retentions scheme.

According to new data from HMRC, building firms have claimed almost 10% of the total £26.5bn that the government paid out through the furlough scheme as of 30 June.


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The government has paid out more than £26bn in furlough payments across all industries

The data, which reports on 20 different sectors, shows that construction firms have claimed the fourth most of cash of companies from any sector.

Only employers responsible for wholesale, retail and repair of motor vehicles, who have claimed £5.3bn, accommodation and food services, who claimed £4.1bn, and manufacturing, £3.3bn, have claimed more.

The latest figures also reveal that construction has seen over 752,000 employees furloughed or 59% of those eligible, with 75% of employers in the sector making use of the scheme.

In Northern Ireland, 70% of eligible employees in construction have been furloughed, while in Scotland 72% have been furloughed.

This compares to 59% across the UK as a whole and 57% in England.

Meanwhile, those working in construction have also made the most claims through the self-employment income support scheme (SEISS).

It is the sector with the highest number of potentially eligible individuals and the highest proportion of claims.

By 30 June, construction workers had made 867,000 claims for SEISS totalling £3.1bn, an average of £3,500 per claimant.

London has the highest proportion, with 39% of claims being from those working in construction and Scotland has the lowest with 26%.

HMRC’s next release of the official statistics up to the end of this month is planned for 21 August.