A multidisciplinary group of construction firms has teamed up to take advantage of expected changes in British law that they believe will lead to a boom in casino construction.
US architect RTKL, project manager Mace and engineers Yolles and FaberMaunsell have formed an alliance to offer a range of services to developers wanting to build, or convert buildings into, gambling centres.

David Gester, vice president at RTKL, said: "Everyone believes there will be amendments to legislation this autumn. We think there will be a big rush to build casinos. There could be around six really big ones and 60 smaller ones."

RTKL has designed a casino in Blackpool for Leisure Parks and claims it knows two other clients planning to build casinos. Gester says: "They will be looking at building more than one unit."

Blackpool hopes to turn itself into the Las Vegas of Britain by allowing a series of casinos along the waterfront.

The government is expected to change the law to allow live music and alcohol in casinos and to end the requirement that a gambler must be a member of a casino for 24 hours before he or she is allowed to enter the building.

Yolles plans to build casinos as fast as possible using its Flash Track quick-build system, first revealed in Building in April.