Procurement Hub’s deal will run for four years

Contractors have been put on notice for a £4.2bn major projects framework across the UK covering all types of construction work including design and other services.

Framework provider Procurement Hub has issued a prior information notice (PIN) to ready firms for the four-year framework agreement for a range of sectors from housing, health, transport and education, to offices, military, industrial and commercial.

Busy construction site in Leicester in May 2021


Contract notice is on 20 September

Firms can apply for one of three lots for construction works and services, and applications are open to consortiums and joint ventures. One supplier will be appointed to each lot.

The framework, which has an option to extend for another two years, has been divided by geographic region with lot one for Scotland, lot two for England and Wales and lot three for in Northern Ireland.

A requirement of the framework is that a minimum of 70% of the value of each construction project awarded under the framework will subsequently be tendered to subcontractors. This is so local supply chains and SMEs can bid for a significant amount of the value of this framework.

The contract notice, which is how firms will be able to bid, is due to be published on 20 September.