THE TOP 75 contractors are about to suffer the fate of housebuilders – by being ranked according to performance.
Warwick Manufacturing Group will compile the table, based on the league tables published by the Housing Forum last year, using information from clients and suppliers.

The scheme, which has the backing of the Construction Industry Board, will rank companies by overall performance and then break this ranking into categories.

These are likely to include how firms manage health and safety, staff training as well as continuous improvement and supply-chain management.

Warwick Manufacturing Group consultant Neil Jarrett said the tables would show which firms were trying to improve their businesses and which were paying lip service to innovation.

Terry Rochester, acting chief executive of the Confederation of Construction Clients, greeted the announcement of the tables with reservations.

He said: "We would watch it with interest, but I would worry how much reliance could be put on the information." Work on the project is set to start in April, after confirmation of funding from the DETR. Publication is set for the end of the year.