Officials to stick with current ProCure22 initiative for another year

The Department of Health has extended its framework for construction works by up to a year as the NHS struggles to cope with the covid-19 outbreak.

The new, seven-year ProCure2020 framework, worth £20bn, was due to replace the current ProCure22 framework when it came to an end in September.


The ProCure22 system will be used for another year

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But in an update the department said this has now been delayed by 12 months.

It said: “Given the current impact of covid-19 and the resource impact this is having across the healthcare system, it has been decided that the ProCure22 framework is extended for up to 12 months.”

It said procurement has been halted due to the coronavirus crisis impacting contractors’ bid teams and resources, as well as the contracting authority and the NHS.

The department added: “To be clear P2020 will not be cancelled. This will still go ahead when pressure is released across the system.”

The six contractors who won contracts on the existing ProCure22 framework are Kier, Interserve, Galliford Try, Graham, Bam and a joint venture between Vinci and Sir Robert McAlpine known as Integrated Health Projects.