The Queen’s speech proposes bills to streamline regulation, reduce housing costs and introduce corporate manslaughter.

The corporate manslaughter bill will go before parliament in Labour’s third term. In the Queen's Speech at the opening of parliament this morning Labour proposed to introduce the legislation, but not for many months.

A second draft bill appeared in March, based on recommendations made by the Law Commission. It states that organisations would be guilty of corporate manslaughter if senior managers caused a person’s death by grossly breaching their duty of care to the deceased.

The Queen’s speech also said the government would introduce legislation to streamline regulatory structures and make it simpler to remove outdated or unnecessary legislation.

If London is selected to host the 2012 Olympic Games, legislation will be introduced to establish the necessary powers to ensure the delivery of the Olympics.

The government would also introduce legislation to reform support for housing costs and would be committed to achieving sustainable development and supporting rural services.

It will introduce the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Bill, which will result in the creation of a new agency called Natural England formed by the merger of English Nature and parts of the Countryside Agency and Rural Development Service.