The Local Government Association is to urge ministers to overhaul regulations governing sprinklers

LGA calls for urgent review of Building Regulations

The Local Government Association (LGA) is calling for a fundamental review of the Building Regulations following the warehouse fire in Warwickshire last Friday.

The LGA, which represents councils and fire authorities in England, is due to meet government ministers later this week and urge them to look at overhauling the existing regulations that currently do not compel new buildings to undertake an assessment of whether fire suppression systems such as sprinklers are needed.

No sprinkler system was installed at the vegetable packing warehouse in Atherstone on Stour, but plans were in place to fit one. Four fire fighters are believed to have died in the blaze, one was confirmed dead on Friday evening and the search for the three missing ones continues.

Councillor Les Byrom said. “This dreadful turn of events should provide a wake up call to people to ensure that buildings are as protected from widespread fires as possible. Ministers should now instigate an urgent review of Building Regulations to ensure that the events of this weekend are not repeated”.

The LGA will also ask ministers to investigate if fire suppression systems should be fitted to smaller buildings.