Cross London Rail Links is looking for four non-executive directors at add to its board

Crossrail is looking for four non-executive directors to appoint to its board. The Cross London Rail Links Ltd (CLRL) will be owned by Transport for London but it will act as a separate business unit with its own board.

The restructured Crossrail board will have three executive directors next to the four non-executive director to be appointed. The sponsors of the project, the mayor of London and the secretary of state for transport, will appoint a further non-executive director each.

Douglas Oakervee, CLRL executive chairman, commented: “The creation of a strong independent board during the delivery phase is of paramount importance. It will provide the discipline necessary to ensure the cost and scope of this massive project is contained throughout. And ensure that a world-class affordable railway is delivered on time and within budget.”

The Crossrail Bill is currently passing before the House of Lords, having completed the passage through the House of Commons in December.