Architect CZWG is to design a £10m casino in Bournemouth, Dorset, as part of a redevelopment in the town centre.
The design forms part of the regeneration of the Bournemouth Pavilion theatre and ballroom, a masterplan for which was submitted by developer Trevor Osborne Property Group last month.

Trevor Osborne's plans were picked over a rival scheme by Future 3000, a firm owned by local businessman Richard Carr.

The casino will be the main new-build feature of the pavilion, which was built in 1929. It will be built on the Bath Road North car park site adjacent to the theatre.

Piers Gough, partner at CZWG, said: "The major aim is to ensure the future of the theatre. But I also want the casino to look gorgeous, not like the tin sheds you usually get."

Other key elements of the Osborne plan include bars, hospitality rooms, a restaurant in the pavilion and an interactive educational and entertainment attraction called Metropolis.

I want the casino to look gorgeous, not like the tin sheds you usually get

CZWG partner Piers Gough

The area in front of the building will be pedestrianised, with fountains and open-air ice-skating in winter.

  • Developer Trevor Osborne Property Group has drawn up a shortlist of architects for a £16m development of the historic Crescent and Spa buildings in Buxton, Derbyshire. Denton Corker Marshall, Building Design Partnership, Allies and Morrison and Edmund Kirby are in the running.

    Osborne was picked by High Peak council and Derbyshire council in December 2003 to finance the project. The proposals include an 87-bedroom, high-quality hotel, a spa in natural baths and a centre illustrating the history of the Crescent and Buxton's spa origins.