Consultant awards staff with sustainable company car scheme

Consultant Davis Langdon has adopted a green company car policy by introducing bold new incentives for both staff and their partners if they choose vehicles with low CO2 emissions .

The firm has been working closely with the Energy Savings Trust and fleet management provider Leasedrive VELO to develop the new policy.

It has set carbon emissions of 165g/km as the benchmark offering employees an increased car allowance for vehicles at or below this level.

Members whose vehicles exceed this level will have to make payments towards sustainable projects.

The changes even extend to the ’grey fleet’, or cash allowance takers.

Nigel Underdown, head of transport advice at the Energy Savings Trust, said: “This scheme offers drivers the opportunity to reduce their emissions from business travel and benefit from savings for running cleaner cars.

“Whilst other firms have placed restrictions on vehicles linked to CO2 emissions, these have tended to be in a fairly modest way. The Davis Langdon approach is a forceful and strong incentive which others have not matched.”