London-based Camco signs deals with major providers

Carbon-related service provider, Camco, has launched an online tool for producing Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

As well as producing certificates for display in a property, the government approved software called EPLabel Online works as a data management tool, proving information about a property portfolio’s energy performance. The firm claims the software will “guide decisions on energy efficiency investment and underpin best-practice environmental reporting.”

Camco is providing special access to selected accreditation schemes to help them monitor their assessors. It said that National Energy Services, CIBSE and Quidos were offering the software as an option for members.

The special features of EPLabel Online include:

  • An online and integrated database storing year-on-year energy performance data of every individual building within a property portfolio
  • Tailored functionality for different users: energy and building managers, DEC assessors and accreditation scheme QA monitors
  • Automatic upload of existing energy consumption data for a building portfolio
  • Automated analysis and data processing of sites with multiple buildings
  • Key energy management information on a building portfolio’s energy performance and other critical information such as DEC renewal dates
  • A free-to-use, fully functioned web based training environment
  • Simple and transparent fee structure
  • User-friendly design and simple to use

“With value and carbon management functionality at its core, EPLabel is much more than just a DEC production tool,” explained Robert Cohen, technical director at Camco. “It combines an energy management tool for energy managers, with a smart user-friendly DEC production tool for assessors and a monitoring and QA tool for the accreditation schemes.”

Brian Scannell, managing director at National Energy Services commented; “ By joining forces with Camco, we have ensured our members gain access to an effective software solution for DEC production, and have the appropriate resources they need to play a fundamental role in improving the energy management of UK buildings.”

Public buildings over 1,000 sq m must display a DEC by October 1st or demonstrate that they have attempted to obtain one.