Architect is submitting a new planning application to change facade of landmark museum

There are fears that a change of cladding could delay the construction of Liverpool’s new flagship museum.

National Museums Liverpool (NML) wants to change the façade of the £50m Museum of Liverpool at Mann Island from Travertine marble to Jura limestone.

Heritage campaigners are worried that submitting a new planning application could delay the scheme, according to local media.

But a spokesman for NML said it hoped the museum would go ahead as planned.

The move comes after Manchester-based practice AEW replaced Danish architects 3XN last November.

NML said the architect advised switching to Jura limestone because it is more durable.

Local reports said a leaked email from a city council planner revealed the marble was a key factor in granting planning permission.

NML said it had not yet submitted a revised application for the change.