Construction and client body the Design Build Foundation has offered to take over the responsibilities of the soon-to-be defunct Construction Industry Board.
DBF chairman Tony Giddings, director of developer Argent, said the organisation, whose members include contractors, QSs, architects and clients, said the body was prepared to take on specific areas of the CIB's workload.

He said: "If there were safety or training issues or research that would be lost, we could take over the baton." Giddings said the demise of the CIB, which will be wound up in June following the Confederation of Construction Clients' refusal to join the board, could be a positive step.

He said: "The end of the CIB might be a step forward in uniting the industry. At the moment, there is far too much fragmentation.

"What is required now is further rationalisation in order for the industry to consolidate and press ahead with urgent reforms that keep being demanded." The offer came as the CIB said it was due to meet other umbrella bodies next week to discuss the future division of its responsibilities. The Construction Confederation and the Construction Industry Council are expected to attend the meeting.

CIB chief executive Don Ward said he had yet to talk to the DBF. He said: "It's too early to say until we have had next week's meeting." He added that organisations such as the DBF and the Movement for Innovation would be serious contenders for taking on parts of the CIB's role.

According to the CIB, a new strategic forum to oversee industry issues is also being considered. It is hoped that this will include the clients' body.