Former director of design review at Cabe, Diane Haigh, leaves the newly merged organisation

Design Council Cabe has announced the departure of director Diane Haigh.

Haigh was director of design review at Cabe from 2007 and joined the Design Council when the two organisations merged in April. She has helped the organisation re-establish national design reviews over the past six months.

Design Council chief executive David Kester said: “Di Haigh has been a great asset to Design Council Cabe as an architect, thinker and leader of design review.  I am very grateful to her for all her help bringing Cabe into the Design Council.  We now open a new chapter and I look forward to appointing her successor.”

Haigh added: “Over the last four years it has been a huge privilege to work with so many terrific people…It has been a fascinating time for me, having been involved in discussions across a broad range of developments. I am most grateful for the commitment of all those who have engaged with us in making design reviews into real opportunities to strengthen scheme proposals.

“Having now achieved the successful merger of the Cabe team into the Design Council as one integrated organisation, it seems a good moment for me to move on to fresh challenges. New ways of working are called for to respond to the changing context and a new management team can now take the vision forward. I wish them well in continuing the vital contribution that Design Council Cabe can make to achieving sustainable well-designed development for communities across the country.”