Newton chair is designed to encourage active sitting for today's 'taller and fatter' children

Research by the Furniture Industry Research Association concludes today's children are taller and fatter than they were 30 years ago. As a response, Isis Concepts has unveiled a new school chair to help pupils sit correctly, whatever their size.

Designed by Orangebox, the Newton chair is adjustable and designed to encourage "active sitting" in students of all ages from primary right through to further education. Active sitting means leaning back to listen and forward to work. The chair's design means that in both these positions the pupil's posture is correct no matter what their height.

An integral footrest and sliding seat means all pupils can sit correctly, avoiding the fatigue and loss of concentration associated with uncomfortable, unsupportive chairs, it's claimed. Levent Çaglar, head of ergonomics at the Furniture Industry Research Association says: "If we allow pupils to continue spending so many hours using chairs and desks that make them slouch and put pressure on their spines, then we can expect severe back problems when they reach adulthood. The Newton chair allows children gently to rock forward hence promoting good dynamic posture whilst maintaining the natural S-shape of their spine, preventing slouching or being hunched over their desks."

Chair 1

Chair 2