Virendra Kotak and Stephen Patterson are fined £29,000 for not securing concrete slabs that crushed a two-year old.

Two Leicester-based developers have been fined by the HSE after a two-year old boy died when unsecured concrete slabs fell on him as he played on a building site.

Virendra Kotak and Stephen Patterson were fined a total of £29,000 last week after an investigation into the accident, which occurred in 2003.

The prosecution found that concrete wall slabs on the site had not been stored safely, causing them to collapse on top of the boy. The boy died when several of the 300kg slabs fell on him as he played on top of them.

HSE investigating inspector Nick Garner said: “Clearly Kotak and Patterson failed in their duty to make the site as safe as possible, but people should also remember that building sites aren’t playgrounds. Everyone involved in construction projects including property developers must take proper precautions to protect the public.”