Tribunal rules former union leadership candidate should not have been barred from leadership election

Prominent workers’ campaigner Mick Dooley has won a second tribunal case against Ucatt, after he was barred from running in the union’s 2011 leadership election.

London South Employment Tribunal ruled the union had “unjustifiably disciplined” Dooley by barring him from the contest last December.

It is the latest in a series of victories for Dooley in challenges against the union.

Dooley won a tribunal case against Ucatt in November, after it ruled he was unfairly dismissed as a union officer amid allegations he had forged membership documents.

In January 2011 he successfully overturned Ucatt’s 2009 leadership election - in which he unsuccessfuly ran - after an investigation by watchdog the Certification Officer (CO) highlighted anomalies with the result.

Dooley said: “There seems to be no end to embarrassment for Ucatt.”

Dooley was expelled from the union last month for launching a public verbal assault on Ucatt, in which he repeatedly told the union to “go fuck yourselves”.

He will challenge the dismissal.

The union was unavailable for comment.