Iain Duncan Smith accuses the housing association of misleading the public

Iain Duncan Smith has slammed “unacceptable behaviour” by L&Q over claims it lied to the public during a consultation over a controversial redevelopment plan for a dog track in his constituency.

The allegation centres around L&Q’s use of the Sport England logo in its promotional material for the redevelopment of Walthamstow Stadium – when they had no partnership with the organisation.

The high-profile war of words comes months after a bitter dispute between local greyhound campaigners and the housing association resulted in a reappraisal and delays to the scheme.

Duncan Smith said: “I was very disappointed to learn that L&Q have once again misled the public.

“This is the latest in a catalogue of lies from L&Q – one of the most recent being their accusation that I was using bullying tactics against them. They were later forced to retract this accusation and apologise.”

Duncan Smith added: “L&Q is increasingly behaving like a disingenuous property speculator, not like a taxpayer-funded RSL, and this is unacceptable.

“I will be taking this matter up with the council and my colleagues in government.”