Building's assistant editor has over-indulged this Christmas and is wondering if he and the rest of the construction industry should be cutting down on the demon drink

Take a look at that picture. I am a much rounder version of that now. This due in large part to the immense amount of boozing that I’ve been undertaking at the incredible number of industry events this yuletide.

Now, I’m sure these events are great for networking, but I’m starting to wonder if they’re worth the cost. Are they simply a way of keeping the in-house PRs busy?

Drinking is also becoming quite a serious issue, particularly as health and safety is now so high profile. Site workers are now regularly breathalysed as the older generation carry on their culture of three or four pints down the pub. That doesn't seem very fair. It can't be right that the bosses fail to set an example by consistently waking up with hangovers while site workers get tested.

It’s bad enough that a site worker in the City can’t get a drink after work anyway – see all those pubs’ with 'no workmen’s clothes' near Blackfriars Bridge if you need evidence – but this rubs more salt into the wounds.

Now I’m not saying that site workers should get bladdered. But, just maybe, the execs need to meet the standards they set for the guys and girls actually out there doing the hard work.