Consultant helps the Department for Children, Schools and Families save on cost and carbon footprint

Consultant EC Harris has completed work on the London headquarters for the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

Ed Balls, secretary of state for children, schools and families, Alan Kemp of EC Harris and Janet Young deputy director of estates and FM DCSF at the opening of the Sanctuary - Credit DCSF

As main consultant the firm led the work in transforming the Sanctuary Buildings into one of the most modern and efficient workplaces of any central government department.

This involved the complete renovation of buildings to include a conference centre, cafe/restaurant and wireless library.

Alan Kemp, head of central government at EC Harris, said: "The DCSF has been described by the Office of Government Commerce as an example of best practice and with the completion of the transformation of Sanctuary Buildings, the DCSF is at the forefront of delivering the major savings demanded by the treasury as part of the Operational Efficiency Programme."

EC Harris has helped the DCSF vacate its former building in London saving £10m in rent and cutting facilities management costs by £1.5m per annum as well as almost halving the department’s carbon footprint in London.

The desk ratio is now 8:10 with the possibility of moving to 7:10, with only ministers having cellular offices.

EC Harris has been the main consultant assisting with managing the DCSF portfolio for 15 years.

The latest scheme has been ongoing for the past two years and was fully completed last week.