Consultant’s London office hosts and AKT Productions presents new workshop

How do we manage the inevitable trade-offs and compromises that bring risk? Is "zero harm" achievable?

These are just two of the questions raised by ‘Train of Events’, a theatre-based workshop presented by AKT Productions and hosted at EC Harris’ London headquarters on 3 July.

Sue Briggs, project leader for AKT, said: “Trade-offs are part of life but where do you draw the line? Risks are inevitable but when do they become unacceptable? Is zero harm a glib hypothesis – or an achievable goal? What are the real drivers behind decision-making at board level? How far will you allow your personal integrity to be compromised before you challenge the status quo? These are the dilemmas that face decision-makers at the highest levels of an organisation.”

The new play will focus on senior leadership accountability in the context of process safety and corporate safety culture following the recent Baker panel report into the recent explosion and fire at a BP refinery in Texas City and the ‘systemic and unacceptable’ safety failures that led to the 1999 Paddington rail disaster.

Briggs added: “We specialise in the use of a variety of theatre-based techniques to help people to engage with behavioural and cultural change, and to enhance a range of essential business skills.

"This is a rare opportunity for senior management to share in this critical debate that affects all organisations that operate in high risk environments, and we hope that attendees will take away new thoughts about the organisational boundaries for which they are personally accountable.”