Landscape architect to assess Scottish capital’s tall-building policy.

Edinburgh City Council has appointed landscape architect Colvin and Moggridge to analyse the city’s skyline and determine how any new high-rise buildings would impact its profile. It is the first time such an investigation has been carried out since 1968.

The findings of Colvin and Moggridge’s report will be made public at the end of the year. The landscape architect has previously overseen sensitive projects at London’s Horse Guards Parade and The Mall by Buckingham Palace.

Hal Moggridge, partner with the firm, said: “We've previously worked with London parks to look at ways of preserving their skyspace and historical views and we shall be adopting similar techniques in Edinburgh.”

The convener of the council’s planning committee, Trevor Davies, said: “Edinburgh's skyline is unique, and distant views of the city are some of the best in the world. It's our tall buildings from previous times like the Castle, the Church of Scotland Assembly building at the Mound and St Mary's Cathedral that make it like that. But the time has come to ask the question - if we are to build tall buildings in our century where should they be? The Waterfront is what most people say - but we need to test out whether that would be right."