Rethinking Construction, the umbrella body overseeing the implementation of the Egan agenda, is considering a merger with one of its subsidiary organisations.
It is understood that it may merge with Construction Best Practice in response to an Audit Commission report that found that the industry's efforts at self-improvement were dispersed among too many bodies.

Brian Moone, chief executive of Construction Best Practice, said research was being carried out into the compatibility of the two groups. He said officials from them were due to meet with DTI civil servants this week to discuss what benefits could be gained from pooling their resources.

He said: "It is still being considered whether any new body would have a totally new branding; discussions are still at an early stage.

Moone added that work was taking place to standardise publications and websites and that it was unlikely that there would be an overall figurehead for any new body.

Alan Crane, chairman of Rethinking Construction, said the idea of a merger had been agreed in principle but would not happen until the government's current funding programme for the bodies ended next year.

Crane said: "We held a meeting to discuss the issue just before Christmas and notified staff."