Chief executive Chris Blythe says industry must improve ethical practice

The Chartered Institute of Building has warned of the damage that could be done to the industry by the OFT allegations and has called for an end to cover-pricing practices.

Chris Blythe, chief executive of the CIOB, said: “This is obviously not the industry's finest hour, and as a result this should be the end of cover pricing.

“This investigation is very damaging for the industry; it affects confidence and has the potential of diverting people from the real work being done to improve standards, safety, and ethical practice.

“Clients of the industry are not the only ones to have suffered from bid rigging; everyone suffers. Other construction companies who have been excluded by anti-competitive activity have been affected as well.”

The CIOB is a member of the Anti-Corruption Forum, led by Transparency International, an alliance of construction and engineering business bodies and firms promoting industry-led action to eliminate corruption.