Bodies that train domestic energy assessors have rejected claims that none are available to provide energy performance certificates for buildings under construction.

Last week, Paul Staley, the head of certificate provider ERS, said hard-pressed assessors could not provide “on construction” certificates because the government had not released the training schedule for the required diploma in time.

Brian Scannell, managing director of rival provider National Energy Services, said there was another route to qualification based on methods developed for assessment of Part L of the Building Regulations.

“There was never any doubt that following this route would give you the qualification,” he said, adding that nearly 200 had done that with his firm.

However, Scannell admitted that this route to qualifying was “doglegged” and fell short of a true national qualification.

He said: “It’s become a multipart qualification, but there’s no doubt we’re providing a route to market for entrants and experienced professionals.”