Council house neighbours take tenant to court for repeatedly flushing her toilet at night

A woman is facing eviction from her council house for waking her neighbour by repeatedly flushing the toilet at night.

Mwynwen Jones has lived in her house in Tremadog, Gwynedd for more than 20 years, but annoyed another resident by banging her bathroom door and flushing her toilet during the middle of the night.


The High Court in London heard that Jones was just making normal ‘household noises’. But the judge John Behrens rejected her legal attempt to overturn Gwynedd County Council's moves to evict her.

He said: "Whilst flushing a toilet may not be a nuisance, plainly it may be so if it is done repeatedly and at anti-social hours."

Jones’ barrister Caroline Harris told the court that her client was in the habit of flushing the toilet twice after use, but blamed poor sound insulation in her home for the row, which meant that a neighbour could even hear the sound of her ironing clothes.