Martin Bishop, chairman of QS Franklin + Andrews, is to retire from the firm at the end of the month.
Bishop, who suffered a stroke earlier this year but has since recovered, said he wanted to spend more time with his family and friends.

"Such an experience makes one stand back and review life," he said.

His retirement follows Franklin + Andrews' merger with engineer Mott MacDonald.

A spokesperson said that after the merger, Franklin + Andrews had switched from a partnership to a limited company, so it no longer needed a chairman.

Bishop will not be replaced but managing director Guy Leonard will take the lead role in the firm.

Bishop started in the construction industry in 1964 as a management trainee.

In 1985 Franklin + Andrews merged with Bishop Ledger, the QS he co-founded in 1975.

He was made managing partner of Franklin + Andrews in 1990 and appointed chairman in 1997.

Bishop was also heavily involved in the merger with Mott MacDonald.