Network Rail offer unreserved apology after bolts are found to be missing on points in Cumbria

Vital parts from a set of points near the Cumbria train crash site were missing according to a report from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch.

RAIB report

Investigators found three faulty stretcher bars. One had nuts and bolts missing and two were fractured.

The bars join moving rails, keeping them a set distance apart.

Network Rail chief executive John Armitt offered an “unreserved apology” and said Network Rail was "devastated" by the report.

The RAIB report said that the points were the immediate cause of the derailment and there was no evidence they have been wrenched free.

It said that one of the stretcher bars could have been fractured before Friday night's West Coast Main Line crash and one possibly after

The problem echoes the causes of the Potters Bar rail crash in 2002 when vital bolts were also found missing from the points.

The Virgin London to Glasgow traine derailed at Grayrigg on Friday killing one person seriously injuring eight others.