Fewer than 200 homes have signed up to the Green Deal

Industry is working to ensure Green Deal qualifi cations and accreditation procedures are in place to protect consumers

Fewer than 200 homes have signed up to the Green Deal, the BBC reports.

The government’s flagship scheme for delivering energy efficiency in existing properties launched in January this year.

So far nearly 19,000 homes have had a Green Deal assessment, the first part of the process but the BBC reports that fewer than 200 have been signed up to the scheme.

It has taken longer than expected to get all the funding mechanisms for the scheme in place.

The slow start to the scheme has been blamed for a 97% drop in cavity wall insulation installations. The insulation industry has reported that over 5,000 jobs have already been lost.

Last week, Green Deal pioneer Enact went into administration because of delays to the launch of the Green Deal, which had originally been slated to start in October 2012.