The controversial project ended up costing £414m, £16m less than expected but still ten times over budget

The final cost of the Scottish Parliament building has been put at £414m, £16m less than was expected.

Contractors have also escaped litigation after the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body, which carried out an investigation into delays in the project, decided not to pursue legal action. However the SPCB is looking to recover costs caused by part of the ceiling collapsing in 2006.


Experts were estimating that the total construction cost for the building at Holyrood, Edinburgh would come to £430.5m. However today’s announcement still puts the cost of the building at 10 times the original £40m estimate which taxpayers will have to foot.

The construction of the Scottish Parliament building has been plagued by delays and cost increases. By the time it opened in September 2004 it was three years late and at a greatly inflated price.

Tory peer Lord Fraser also conducted a review into the construction process which cost £1m but did not attribute blame to any one party.

The main contractors and consultants working on the building were EMBT/RMJM, Bovis Lend Lease, Davis Langdon, RMJM Services and Arup.