Factory Reconstruction fined after Czech employee injures hand with circular saw

An Oldham-based construction firm has been fined £10,500 after a worker was seriously injured by a circular saw.

Factory Reconstruction today pleaded guilty to three criminal HSE charges at Trafford Magistrates Court, Manchester. The prosecution followed injuries to Czech employee Jaroslav Linka, who suffered serious injuries to his left hand while using a poorly guarded circular saw in June 2005.

HSE inspector Lisa Bailey said: “Mr Linka…was exposed to unnecessary danger whilst using a circular saw to prepare wood for the construction of pallets….He suffered severe lacerations to his left hand which could have been prevented with simple guarding and provision of adequate training in the use of a circular saw.”

Bailey added that it was particularly important that companies employing foreign workers make sure these workers are adequately trained and understand UK health and safety requirements.