HSE issues asbestos warning after Hereford demolition company is found guilty of releasing asbestos

The Health and Safety Executive has warned companies to take extra care demolishing buildings containing asbestos after a company was fined £6000 and made to pay costs of £13,621 following the release of asbestos during the demolition of a grainstore.

Instead of removing asbestos cement sheets from the building in Bodenham in controlled conditions, Wye Valley Demolition smashed them to the ground by a machine and spread them over the demolition site.

Joy Jones, HSE principle inspector for construction, said: "Asbestos should not be treated lightly as it causes 3500 deaths in Britain each year, with annual numbers predicted to go on rising in the next decade. All people working in areas that may contain asbestos need to be aware of the dangers to others and the financial penalties imposed if asbestos is mishandled."